Z20 20" Catrike Thru-axle

Z20 20" Catrike Thru-axle kits are available for Catrike MAX recumbent trike model.

Z20Cat20TA: Neodrive Electric-assist Ekit for Catrike MAX recumbent trike

The Neodrive Z20 through-axle electric assist kit is available in a 20" wheel-size perfect for the Catrike MAX recumbent trike model.

Integrated Torque-blocker / Torque-arm

One of the most beautiful things about the through-axle Neodrive kit for Catrikes is its seamless integration with the frame.

Anyone who has ever installed a hub motor has had to struggle with getting it to stay put and not spin itself in the frame. That's where the torque-arm comes in.

The Neodrive Z20 Through-axle kit for Catrikes has its torque arm seamlessly integrated into the trike's frame by fitting the Catrike frame snugly and perfectly. And, with the stout through-axle, you can be sure it isn't going anywhere.

On top of that, the torque-arm serves dual-purpose, also sealing the electrical connector into the hub and keeping it safe and out of harm's way.

Applicable Catrike Recumbent Trike Models

This kit is perfect for electrifying the following Catrike recumbent trike models:

  • MAX
9 / 2023